What is "La Zuppa?"

An inept magician, a homeless encampment and the wonder of human failings in love and life. "La Zuppa's" wondrous other reality is a collaborative production for dancers, singers, puppeteers and other artists in which we create an exotic fantasy performance space.

"La Zuppa" uses new music, with original local artists, and dance (all kinds of dance) paired with large scale illusions, life sized puppetry and humor to provide a platform for local artists who provide adult(ish) entertainment not normally found at Orlando area theme parks.

The result is a unique production which can vary with each performance to provide the perfect grand entertainment for booking your large or more intimate event as well as scheduled theater runs,

"Joyous" "Fun" "Very Different"

"Did that just happen" the Orlando Sentinel . . . . magic is not all you'll see, in fact, it's not a magic show. It's a magical show with contemporary "fun" dance and the music of Big Persona, Broderick Miraculous, Turkish rhythmic pop, Sergio Mendez and more. It's a raucous Cabaret celebration of human frailties with life sized puppets, singing fish, dancing fixtures, fairly tale monsters and even Shakespeare to punch out a joyous festival of good humor on adult(ish) themes..

Spring 2017 performances are in the works with announcements to be made once we have our 2017 engagements calendar complete. Contact us about your event for an insanely magical show that will provide your events.